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  1. Site URL: https://iainsmith.photography/ Hi there, I'm getting frustrated that there are lots of buried font areas which don't inherit the custom font changes I've made through most of the rest of my site. I'd like it to be consistent throughout but there are lots of small page elements where my changes haven't taken effect. Could somebody point me to the elements I need to change in CSS to replace with my custom for for: Page error text (i.e. page not found) You have nothing left in your cart The numerical value above my cart icon (showing how many items are in my cart) The shopping cart page headers (item, quantity, price) Shopping cart page item description Shopping cart page quantity field value Total and subtotal text Finally, how can I customise the actual text in the checkout button? Many thanks in advance! Iain
  2. Site URL: https://iainsmith.photography/store Hi there, I've used custom CSS throughout my site to modify my fonts. I've hit an area where I can't seem to find what to modify in order to get the font to change. I've made all the changes I'd like on the individual product pages, but one level above on the storefront page which shows all my products the font is still being inherited from somewhere. Could somebody point me towards which code I should highlight to override with my font-family? Many thanks in advance! Iain
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