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  1. Hi all, Interested to know how many people use the internal SS marketing tools to populate GMB versus ignoring that and doing it directly on GMB.... What sort of results people see as a result? Also if you populate SS's area does this limit you if you are then trying to edit directly in GMB? Cheers
  2. Hi, I can recommend 427Marketing.co.uk, I know the owner personally and they do a good job at a reasonable rate... Hope this helps...
  3. You could post the link in a members area to an unlisted youtube video - that way the members will be able to find the video/content and the general public won't...
  4. Site URL: https://www.serendaya.co.uk I am in the process of rebuilding a website (our own actually) and as such it is a simply landing page at present whilst the rest is fleshed out. However I thought I'd do a lighthouse report on it anyway (in part to check the difference between a 'normal' and 'incognito' window to see what my Macbook is impacting). Anyway despite a very simple page the 'Accessibility' score, whilst good, flags in improvements that the social links don't have any discernible names: Failing Elements a.sqs-svg-icon--wrapper.linkedin-
  5. in fct thinking about it, you probably only need the second block of code to change your sub-menu colours as the active page defaults to your green anyway, so just the second block should do it...
  6. pasting the following code In the Design Menu>Custom CSS : .tweak-header-primary-nav-hover-style-active .Header-nav .Header-nav-folder-item--active { color: #76BC21; } Should give you the option to alter the colour of the page that is active (the one you are on) as such you can change the colour to a different green or a white - although this may look odd as it will be the inverse of the main headings. Personally I'd specify the green that you have already, and then change the other menu items so they aren't green but rather white...if so you will need to also paste
  7. So you are happy with the primary nav colour being green, but you wan tthe sub-nav colours different? The page you are on in green but the other pages in white yes? Am I understanding you correctly? What is your file structure to create the menus? are they folders? (I ask as normally a folder will be clickable and yours aren't, only the sub-navs are clickable...)
  8. So I have resolved this: I have created a folder in the primary/secondary navigation. Labelled in as 'BLOG' Then added the blog itself into the folder as the first item. I also relabelled the display title on the blog as 'ALL' Then added links to the folder, which are linked to the various categories in the blog.
  9. The only way I can think to achieve something like this would be to have you homepage link to an anchor partway down the actual homepage and then scroll up to the start of the actual page.....
  10. You should be able to add in an archive block, once you have done this select your shop as the source, and then in the other tab select the categories as the listing.
  11. No I haven't as yet, I am learning CSS & HTML and think there must be a relatively easy (if you know how, but I'm not there yet - although I am getting there) way to look at the class of the Blog post in the html and CSS and alter it so it follows the same rules for the drop-downs for the other headers. I think this may lose functionality though as clearly the blog class has been designed to have the functionality that it has - as such I wonder if it can be forced to drop down using the same style requirements of the others if not the same class rules... I wanted to do t
  12. I'm assuming that if I was to copy the CSS that lets the other folders show drop-down menus and apply that to the blog menu it could then in theory do this, but would I need to re-write all the code to create a new class as you cannot nest categories inside blog on the menu? Using some of the various available mega menu code that is out there, might let it work but I think there would be problems with the positioning and so it would be quite obvious that it wasn't a drop-down the same as all the others? anybody out there managed to do this? I am surprised that it isn't a built in fea
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