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  1. That worked. Thank you so much! 🙏
  2. Hi @tuanphan, this worked well. Thank you SO much! The only link (styled in Paragraph 3) that is still not working is the fine print at the bottom right "Nicole Wang Studio" Am I missing something?
  3. Oh yes. Sorry... how did I forget that?!🙈 It's https://www.ksmith-architect.com/
  4. Hello! I have inserted some custom codes to remove the underline from links sitewide and added hover states to the main navigation tabs. Two questions: 1. What do I need to add/edit to make the active tab stick in that same dark blue #274061 for the main navigation menu as a way to indicate that you're currently on that page 2. How do I add hover states for all other links throughout the site, including the footer, and not just the main nav on the top? Thanks in advance! /* styling link underlines sitewide */ .sqs-block-html a { background-image:none!important; } .sqs-block-html h1 a, h2 a, h3 a, h4 a, p a { border-bottom-style: none !important; text-decoration-line: none !important; } .footer a, a, p a{ background: none !important; text-decoration-line: unset !important; } /* styling hover nav */ .header-nav a:hover{ color:#274061!important;}
  5. Except that the layout would not function the same any longer. Sorry, I should have made that clearer in my original post. See attached screenshot.
  6. Hello! I have built a gallery page using the 'grid' design because I'd like each module to represent a project (see attached screenshot). When you click on a module (project), it goes to a detail page with an image slide show pertaining to that project and a summary description below it (see attached screenshot). But the only option I'm presented with, in 7.0 Brine Family template, is to open the link in a new browser window (see attached screenshot). Is there any way I can customize the UX to open the link in the same window? Here is the URL: https://www.ksmith-architect.com/projects
  7. Site URL: https://www.zackgonderdance.com/ Hello, I have recently launched this website and would love to share on social media channels but couldn't get the preview working properly even after I've inserted the Open Graph Protocol (OGP). I went to Settings > Advance > Code Injection. And from there, I inserted the codes into the Header section and added the following: <meta property='og:title' content='Zack Gonder Dance'/> <meta property='og:image' content='https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5fea7aee4e1a8a328805623b/1614137266912-WZGPPO3M2P4CPQX6AKA9/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kHH9S2ID7_bpupQnTdrPcoF7gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z4YTzHvnKhyp6Da-NYroOW3ZGjoBKy3azqku80C789l0nQwvinDXPV4EYh2MRzm-RRB5rUELEv7EY2n0AZOrEupxpSyqbqKSgmzcCPWV5WMiQ/4Qs+Bard+2018_rv_PointedToe.jpg?format=2500w'/> <meta property='og:description' content='Zack Gonder Dance blends cultures and art forms, dance styles and musical genres— making dance accessible, energizing and captivating for audiences of all ages across the globe.'/> <meta property='og:url' content='//www.zackgonderdance.com'/>
  8. No. That's interesting that the underline shows up in the child pages, but not the parent folder (the actual Services page). See attached.
  9. This code worked beautifully for my Services folder/dropdown menu. However, the underline (indicator) for the Services tab when you're active on that page no longer shows up as all other tabs/pages. Is there a way to add that back in?
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