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  1. Second try:Sure! 1. Modify the site-wide footer code injection code to:

    <div class='footer' style='text-align: center; width: 100%;font-size: 8pt;'>THE FOOTER</div>

    2. Move the original footer injection code to gallery pages: Gallery Settings->Advanced->Page Header Code Injection This must be done for every gallery page. And it is OK to add as header injection -- positioning is set relative to window anyways.

  2. Happy to know that this have helped!Note though, that in the thumbnail view the footer is covered by the thumbnail panel. I think adjusting the z-index of the div 'footer' can cater to this, but have not checked yet. Aligning to the image can be tricky, as it seems that the image is being resized by a script that reacts on browser window size. Long story short -- I don't know how to do it in a simple manner. Injecting custom javascript may be a solution, though...

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