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  1. You can host any additional files right inside the Custom CSS Editor Window. At the bottom right corner you will see two buttons, one of them says Custom Files (the one left to the Save button). Pressing it will open a side drawer and you simply drag and drop your files there.

    To link the files place your typing cursor where you want to the link to be inserted and just click on the file you uploaded. The url is automatically inserted.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you need more help!

  2. It's not my intention to exhibit any bad attitude, I was just letting you know that your solution is not feasible because it would spam the page with as many buttons as blog posts are showed which is not at all user/design friendly.

    I did try a couple of methods both posted on this website and from other sources as well and none of them yields great results. I had issues with the Post Blog Code before and I'm trying to avoid using it because it tends to multiply any code placed there.

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