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  1. Site URL: https://bymaza.co.uk I've got a banner of magazine logo's down at the bottom of my homepage - it's one long banner image and I have made it the background. It looks fine on desktop, but you can only see Vogue on the mobile version as it's being cropped. Is there a way for this not to be chopped in half when viewed on mobile? Thank you so much
  2. Site URL: https://bymaza.co.uk I would like the image on my homepage to have a full bleed and cover the menu - similar to the Paloma (and many others) template. May anyone help me with this? I'm sure its a simple trick - just not sure how to do it! Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://bymaza.co.uk/shop Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows how to make product items wiggle (or other effects)? (PW to page is Chunky123) Thanks, M
  4. Ah, yes of course. https://bymaza.co.uk/shop pw: ChunkyOcho If you click onto the Escher prodcut (for example), you will see the Select Colour and Quantity boxes that I want to edit. Thanks so much!
  5. I can find ccs codes to edit almost everything except the thin black box that surrounds the variants of products. I have two variants - one is Colour and the other is Quantity. Does anyone know how I can change the colour and thickness of the border that surrounds these? Thanks!
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