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  1. I'm in the same boat and have been trying to do this for ages, the only suggestion I've had is to make all my products free of charge! Which unfortunately for me, isn't quite going to solve my issue, will await an update on this in anticipation...
  2. I did think of that but unfortunately not! The clients need to see the prices and all the product info and then they confirm the order with us and quote a PO reference and ideally would get a confirmation by return. We then raise an invoice once the goods are shipped out. I can't think of anyway to do it but I'm hoping somebody knows 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://www.4couture.com/ hi there, I've got a SS site up and running recently for end users and it's great however, I'd like to set up a large store (behind a password) for our existing business contract clients, so they can browse their catalogues and make an order however, we accept a Purchase Order at the time of ordering and then we invoice them on credit terms. So we don't want to take any money via the SS shop but rather just send them an order confirmation and we would receive their order request. Does SS handle this or is there any way I can 'fudge' it so it cou
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