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  1. I'm having some of my orders come through like this following image. Anyone clue me in as to why? all information is removed, no addresses, no email etc.
  2. its weird i can make an automation for a certain purchase for example. But I can't exclude people who have made a purchase 🙃 Regretting paying for this TBH should have stuck with what i was using mail wise.
  3. im currently going manually through my 3600+ people and adding manual tags. These tags then allow you to segment via said tag in emails. Looooong, manual. But a work around. An exclude feature would be very welcome too. So i dont send sales emails to people who already own said products for example. but its a start.
  4. HERO! I had no idea it was using the wrong section tbh, Confirmation seems more logical that status. But ironically if i had i wouldn't have gotten your tighter future proof solution, massive thanks. Supplied with future coffee 👍
  5. 🙏 Here's a confirmation page - https://www.warriorsound.co.uk/commerce/orders/b8c570c1-09b7-44fa-9b9e-2d32a5d28152 Here's a no cost item to test ( put paul2009 an il delete you 👍) - https://www.warriorsound.co.uk/store/p/fsdnb
  6. it's still persisting, i've even tried targeting different elements like the icon individually. seems beyond my scope at this point. For example .css-1kywwwk { display: none !important; } #item-0-download { display: none !important; }
  7. Hi Paul thanks for replying. It is indeed, I believe it's been shared somewhere an i'm getting multiple gibberish emails each day, not had a problem for years prior.
  8. Hello squarespace community. Looking for a little help here, I offer a couple of lead gen items at £0 in the store. Im wanting to confirm emails at least for the download. But currently regardless of the info put into the form they get the download link on the order confirmation page. I've tried hiding this using custom css to target the element, but it seems to be overridden even when marked important. If anyone has managed this id love a little nudge in the right direction. Site for context - https://www.warriorsound.co.uk/store
  9. Hey Paul, will this work universally on any site? id like to make it specifically for the free products. but site wide is better than not.
  10. 3 years later an i still want this. Unfortunately i may just have to bite the bullet an move to shopify. As squarespace dont seem to want to support these merch shelf services on the likes of youtube, spotify etc.
  11. Is there no plan to increase this file size limit? Even a music album in high quality surpasses the 300mb limit. An while a smaller file size might have been of benefit 10 years ago. Now days it's just not an issue. The only limitation is squarespace.
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