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  1. WOOHOOOO perfect, they look excellent - thank you SOOOO much!!!!!! 🙂
  2. Yes I did do that, but they come up quite small and in a line to the side on mobile and look a bit odd? Lol!
  3. This actually looks a bit odd on mobile, is there a way of making them larger or so they are in a line somehow please?? Sorry!!
  4. Site URL: https://dogfish-clarinet-npzm.squarespace.com I have a 2nd image hover on my home page on some images, but when you click on it it's taking people to a page with the image on - I don't want there to be a click option how do I get rid of this please?! password for site is - empulse2020
  5. This is SO awesome, thank you SOOO much for taking the time to reply to me! Have a lovely Christmas and stay safe! x
  6. Site URL: https://dogfish-clarinet-npzm.squarespace.com I would like to direct people to a certain 'section' of a page so they don't have to scroll through the whole page to find something, is this possible at all or not? My password is empulse2020 Thanks
  7. Site URL: https://dogfish-clarinet-npzm.squarespace.com My site password is empulse2020 On the home page there are 6 images where when you hover over them they change to a different image, however obviously this doesn't work on mobile so I would love for them to just click on the image to get the other image if this is possible?? Thanks in advance!!
  8. I have sorted it out HOWEVER, is there a way of me doing 'two' accordion style so that you can click on the 'sub title' and all the questions come up and then click on the question for the answer to appear?? Is this possible?
  9. Oh gosh I am sorry, I am looking as well that is why I was asking... so annoying!! If I find out I will let you know!!
  10. Site URL: https://dogfish-clarinet-npzm.squarespace.com Can anyone help please? I have created some really great images on my homepage with a 2nd image 'hover', however this obviously doesn't work on mobile / ipad. Is there a way of coding it so that the 2nd image would appear if 'clicked on' but only on the mobile version?? Thanks in advance!!
  11. https://dogfish-clarinet-npzm.squarespace.com/faqs
  12. Site URL: https://dogfish-clarinet-npzm.squarespace.com Hi, I have managed to do an accordian style section for my FAQs so when you click on the question it brings up the answer, however - I now need to categorise my faq's and I can't seem to add in headings that wont be hidden? Anyone got any ideas?! Contact me for password for the site if you need it. Thanks!
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