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  1. Hi guys my client would like the generic 'contact us' button in their header to actually be a pop up with a snippet of contact info when you click on it instead of going to the whole contact page. Is this possible? all i can find is automatic pop ups when you open the page. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, I have a client who wants to create a members area that has a unique page for every member, ie it has their customer details/subscription plan/ dates for their next collection service etc on the page. It looks like member areas are just an area where everyone still sees the same content? Only about 200 members but needs to be editable by client only, but be able to house a form that their client can send to update information is this what a members area is? else we may have to skip using square space thanks
  3. Is there an easy way to edit that code so that it changes the image instead of just hiding it. Ie a version that has a dark layer over it (just a seperate jpg in photoshop not actual code - although that would be even better) so you can still see a bit of image but the text can sit over it better. Thanks in advance I cant believe this isn't a regular feature !?
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