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  1. Site URL: https://graysonshakespeareinthepark.squarespace.com/ Hi friends! I've created a code block on my homepage and added in text. I highlighted the words, then adjusted the highlight to look like an underline instead. I'd like to now hyperlink the words to their respective pages on the site, but I can't find any CSS that works!!! I'd appreciate any help that anyone is willing to give, as I'm a noob when it comes to custom CSS <3 My website can be seen here, and I'm using the Pacific template. The password is "verona". Thanks!
  2. I'm really only concerned about the ones on the home page. On desktop, my photo on the header, as well as my logo designs on the parallax banners, are visible. But on mobile it cuts down to the center. So I'm wondering if there's a fix, or if I can make a separate site and have mobile viewers fwd-ed there, or if I need to just start from scratch. Thanks!
  3. Hi - I've scrolled through this thread all day and nothing is working for mine 😧 Would someone mind helping me out with some CSS? My site is : www.opbranding.com Thanks so much!
  4. Site URL: https://exhibitale.squarespace.com I'm looking for CCS to change the header background color on individual pages in the Nueva theme, and I may need some code to change the font color as well. The password to view the site is "ale" I appreciate any help!
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