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  1. disvisuk

    British VAT

    I am VAT registered. Selling coffee beans requires a vat rate of 0%, but a french press requires the VAT rate to be 20%. It seems I can't do this in sqsp - is that still correct!??
  2. disvisuk

    0% VAT

    Ditto - this is a real let down - please fix it SQSP!
  3. Thanks all for your comments. I was most nervous about coming to SQSP and losing search engine rankings. I've always known that the GTMetrix type scores are getting to be more important as the web develops, and I've really tried to up those, as traditionally these web builders don't do well there. Frankly I'm REALLY impressed, the SEO in SQSP, it's smashed us right back up to page one, but the blogs that we are writing are really taking off; consistently getting fantastic traffic. Content is obviously key with google these days. I never thought it possible to have a platform like this which is so easy to use and will actually rank so well. One thing I've learned that you might like, is to use Cloudflare for your DNS, it really speeds up your web load time.
  4. An interesting point of view. Though this is my first squarespace site, it's not my first rodeo building a site and getting it to the top of google. Of the two sites you mentioned, neither rank as a photograhper in their location in SERPS, Christine ranks under facebook if you type "Christine Gregory Photography".... indeed Matt Roberts isn't even found if you type "Matt Roberts Photography".. SEO has been our major source of clients over the years and I'm eager to see what happens when Google has scraped the SQSP site and ranked us on that. We were on Wordpress before, but it's such a flakey platform these days, we decided to give SQSP a go. I do hear what you say about style preference, and I'd be really interested to hear your perspective on gaining photography clients through organic SEO.
  5. Site URL: http://www.maephotography.co.uk I'd love your feedback on our first site - it's for our photography business. Formerly on wordpress, so we've transferred the blog across, in soft-launch now for a week while we tweak. Thank you in advance for taking the time to view and feedback - it's my first time with SS and I've really enjoyed it. So much so I'm building sites for clients now in one of my other businesses.
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