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  1. I would like to style the top section on my home page like a "collage" type image, but instead of having the text box overlap just one image, I want it to overlap a slideshow. Does anyone have advice (or code) for accomplishing this? Thank you, Micaela
  2. Hi everyone, Could this be an easy fix for basically having snapshots of your of site, in case you or someone on your team deletes what they shouldn't? https://archive.org/web/ It's called Wayback Machine. It periodically saves images of URLs across the internet so you can refer back to them any time you want. There is also an ability to have them save the exact URL you want now, as long as your site allows crawlers. May at least be good to throw the URL of really important pages in there every now and then. Just a thought. Thanks, mhamm
  3. Hi everyone, I would like input on best practices for browser testing a squarespace site. Should I wait until my site is 100% done and then test? What browser testing tool would you suggest? I've heard conflicting feedback on Browserstack? Is there an argument for not browser testing as much, since squarespace claims to support several mainstream browsers? Thanks, mhamm
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