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  1. Site URL: https://www.dearfamilies.com/home/ Site URL: https://www.dearfamilies.com/home/ Hello! I would like to add a floating search button to my site which will allow visitors to search my site with a quick preview option to select from for search results. Is this possible? I would like the button to be on the bottom left side of the site. Ideally I would like the search button to be just the magnifying lens, if that is not possible then the words "Search" on the button. Thanks for your help! @tuanphan
  2. Site URL: https://www.dearfamilies.com/home/ Hello! I would like to create a floating button on my site which opens up to a lightbox contact form with the following fields: Name Email address Message I would like the floating button to be on the bottom right side of the site. The button style can match the other buttons on the site. I would like this to appear on every page of the site. Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Great, this replaced the text exactly. However, when I click on that text, it takes me to the page with all my products. I would like it to take me to page within a category. How can I do that? Thank you for your help!
  4. Thank you for this. This is not quite what I need. Here is what I would like to do: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/dear-everyone-soothing ^ In this product page, I would like it to say Dear Everyone --> Soothing - Preview https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/dear-everyone-attachment-bonding ^ In this product page, I would like it to say Dear Everyone --> Attachment & Bonding https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/dear-mom-8-week ^ In this product page, I would like it to say Dear Mom --> 8 Week: Baby and You https://www.d
  5. Change on all products. So for all products I want it to show Category --> Product. Each product is only in one category. And I don't want it to show All Services for any of the products. Thanks!
  6. https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/dear-everyone-soothing Thank you for your help!
  7. I was able to get the breadcrumbs navigation to show up on the product page. However, it shows up like this: All Services --> Soothing-Preview I would like it to display the category instead: Dear Everyone --> Soothing-Preview I don't want All Services to show up. Is there a way to do this?
  8. My site is on version 7.1 so there are no templates. I am not sure how to recreate what is shown in the example.
  9. Site URL: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/dear-mom Hello, Is it possible to have the categories show on a side bar in the product page? In this category page, the other categories show on the side: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/dear-mom I would like the categories to show on my product pages as well: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/dear-mom-8-week Thank you! @tuanphan
  10. Also, would it be possible to have different labels instead of "Quantity" for different categories? I was able to change it to Number of Participants but that is for all the products. For e.g., in this page, I would like it to say "Number of Sessions" instead of "Number of Participants". I want it to say "Number of Participants" for other categories. https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/individual-private-consultation-sessions-vasudha
  11. https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/dear-everyone This is the link. Thank you!
  12. Hello! Can the word "Sale" for products on sale be customized to say Special Offer? @tuanphan
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