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  1. @bangank36 Okay cool, thank you! The site we're building is currently under construction, on trial, so it's unable to be public. I changed it to password protected, so hopefully with the password you can view it. The link to the page is: https://buffalo-chinchilla-xpte.squarespace.com/the-godfather-notebook -- password: reganarts Let me know if that doesn't work! Specifically on this page, we're trying to make it so we can add more text next to the image of the book & have it scroll. And thank you @creedon!
  2. Hi! I am trying to mimic this webpage's (https://www.reganarts.com/books/2016/the-godfather-notebook-special-edition/index.html) ability to have a static element remain fixed alongside a scrolling element. Essentially, I am trying to have an image remain fixed on one side, as the text next to it scrolls until reaching the end. At that point, the image and text will no longer remain fixed, and you can continue scrolling through the page. Anyone know how to do this with CSS? Happy to clarify if this is confusing. Also, I've done some research, and I'm aware that part of this would in
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