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  1. Just thought I might attempt to rekindle this topic if anyone is still out there? I'm looking to attach a simple product customiser to my squarespace site. Different colour options of a product etc. I've seen that there are product customisers that claim they work on squarespace, but they seem very expensive. Does anyone have any experience in this field? Has anyone successfully achieved this? Any advice would be most welcome. Joe
  2. Hi, I'm looking to use a 2D product customiser on my squarespace store, to allow customers to choose different colour options on the products I make. I was wondering if anyone has done this and has any advice on the subject? There seem to be a lot of product customisers out there, but only a few that claim to work on squarespace. One that I found -Brikl- is crazy expensive (€90 per month), where other similar types of software seem a lot cheaper, but don't work on squarespace. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks Joe
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