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  1. I am also interesting on it
  2. it is perfect !! Thanks a lot !!!
  3. it works perfect, thx !!! but you were right, i dont need it for all products, because the text is also displayed for "Gift card" and "leather care set", which havent more colors variants .... is there a way to remove the text for these 2 products please ? Thank you again
  4. Hello everyone, i am trying to use this code in my Shop Page but without succes, any ideas why ? a hint ? target page here: https://www.luxyleatherbags.com/shop Thanks
  5. Hi @tuanphan, thanks for your reply. Your code works but not at the desired place, I dont need the text in homepage, but in shop page, where all my product are listed .... (see attached image) And yes, it will be allways the same text for all products https://www.luxyleatherbags.com/shop
  6. Cool, thanks... I will work on it
  7. Site URL: https://www.luxyleatherbags.com/shop Hi there, it is possible to add a text, like “+ more colors” between the product title and the price? In picture between Alessandria et $529.00.... all my products has a color variant... Site: https://luxyleatherbags.com thanks a lot!
  8. Site URL: https://www.luxyleatherbags.com/ Hi all, I would like some honest feedback on my new fresh store Luxy Leather Bags https://luxyleatherbags.com Thanks!
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