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  1. Great! this seemed to have worked , but now there are a couple issues. - On mobile the images have a small space above the images. - Images on both mobile and desktop seem to have a fixed width and hight that it will not allw the image to bleed the full width of the page or the full height Basically my goal is to have the same effect as a full-bleed background image, but, 2 of them sided by side that can be used as links to 2 separate sections of my site
  2. It just seems to be sticking 2 images sided by side and not flooding the entire screen and behind the header
  3. Ok, I put up 2 images how i believe you mean. Is it possible to also have the split screen on mobile rather than stacked? https://www.justinpape.com/test Pass: test
  4. Site URL: https://www.justinpape.com/ Hi! I am looking to create a landing page for my site that has a split screen of 2 full bleed images that link to 2 separate Portfolio sections, but still retain my header. I also need it to be flexible for desktop/mobile/tablet to always retain a full bleed split screen The image below is the desired outcome, but with placeholder images. Is this possible? Thank you, Justin https://www.justinpape.com/
  5. I am having this issue as well. When first accessing the page the transparency works but when you scroll down, it turns either black or white depending on the page you are on. I have tried all the code in this tread as well as code i have read in other threads with no success. Any other options? site: https://www.justinpape.com/
  6. Site URL: https://www.justinpape.com/ Hey, Ive just noticed that my header when scrolling no longer stays transparent. On the main page it turns to a white BG and on a project page it turns Black. I have read a few different treads and tried the different custom codes i have seen but nothing seems to let it stay transparent all the time as it used to. Anyone have this issue and figure it out? Site: https://www.justinpape.com/
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