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    HuffDee got a reaction from primallanguageproductions in Core Web Vitals   
    Thanks all
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    HuffDee reacted to finidush in Core Web Vitals   
    After sending a panicky message to SS support I received the below message. Finally they have recognised that this is an issue and it is being treated as a priority.
    I'm still extremely nervous that CWV is going to tank my business from May onwards. My competitors websites are all performing better than mine so SS need to pull something pretty special out of the bag.
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    HuffDee reacted to StyleFactory in Core Web Vitals   
    Although Google is giving us Core Web Vitals stats now, we theoretically have until May 2021 until this starts to affect rankings:

    So for now I'd be surprised if you're being penalised for not hitting the CWV targets.

    It might be worth considering whether there were any significant changes to your content, backlink profile etc. that could have resulted in a dip in rankings? It could also be that your competitors upped their SEO game recently too. 

    Another thing might be the fact that mobile-first indexing is due to be complete this month:
    https://www.seroundtable.com/google-mobile-first-indexing-deadline-march-2021-30974.html#:~:text=Google's revised mobile-first indexing,September 2020 to March 2021.

    There have also been a few (unconfirmed) Google algorithm updates lately, which may also be affecting things.
    Loads of variables to consider!

    I do hope Squarespace give us some clarity on the Core Web Vitals issue before May though, as all Squarespace site owners stand to be negatively affected it. Good luck sorting the SEO issues out.
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    HuffDee got a reaction from NanHan in Core Web Vitals   
    Hi, We've had the same issue on our Squarespace site. Our organic search traffic has dropped dramatically and Google Console is showing a huge jump in pages suddenly listed as 'Needs Improvement' for CLS and LCP issues from 8th March.
    Does anyone know if there as a Squarespace update which could have caused this? Doesnt look like there was a Google algorithm rollout.
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    HuffDee reacted to GlynMusica in Google is crawling my nav menu twice every time   
    You don't need to worry about this, it won't affect your SEO.
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