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  1. Site URL: http://silverstrand.capital Hello! On the mobile version of my website I have my partner logos all in one line, but on mobile version they become bigger and stack over each other. Is it possible to add a code such that all the logos remain small and in 1-2 lines in mobile? I am so frustrated that I cannot edit the desktop and mobile versions individually. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Hi @bangank36 the URL is https://www.silverstrand.capital/resources Thank you so much @tuanphan that is really useful for the text, but how can I also change the color of the overlay of the image to black? Thank you!
  3. Hi @bangank36 I'm afraid the site is not currently live so I am unable to. Are you unable to assist without the URL?
  4. Hello! I have this in my code which gives me a white overlay over my poster blocks with 65% transparency. How can I change the overlay to black, and also, how do I change the text in the poster block to a different color hex (like white?) Essentially, if you see the image below I want the poster blocks below to look more like the resource header block. } .design-layout-poster .image-overlay{opacity:.65; } Thank you so much!
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