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  1. hi thanks for replying! the data is currently on a really old website which is PHP on a MYSQL database (!) There seem to be quite a lot of options to customise the export file - It looks like it's possible to export it in the following formats : see attached
  2. Hi everyone I'm looking for a way to import a large number of events into Squarespace. Is this possible? Looking for direct tips or work arounds - will consider anything to save me entering all 700 events manually!! 😆 I am creating a website for a promoter who has a valuable archive of past events (some big names in music) and we would like to create a feature of this archive , so the first job is to import the data into Events page so we can then manipulate the content so folks can interact with the archive in different ways on the website - ie calendar views/summary blocks/audio etc. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated! I'm happy to format/clean up data into whatever suitable format required for import !! ie csv etc . I have seen that it looks like its possible to import product data - if this was a possible work around? Cheers
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