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  1. Well! It's working perfectly! Thanks @creedon . If I decide to add more pages I guess i'll need to add those to the code as well. I hope this thread helps everybody with their sites!
  2. @creedon https://www.aostudioviz.com/ is has a home page, so the issues are on the other pages after you select the language Thanks!
  3. Hello! the code works great! just what I was looking for. I'm don't know anything about this, but I'm starting to run a small site for my studio and I would like to ask how can this code be improved in a way that if I'm on a specific page when I click the button I go to other language versions of that page, right now both buttons take me to one specific page in the specific language. Like I'm at Work page if I click on the ES button it takes me to Trabajo, but if I'm at the About page and I click on the ES button it takes me to the Trabajo page again, I want to go to the Spanish version page of About. What code needs to be added to make that happen? Thanks,
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