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  1. Hello I was just checking again to see if maybe you could help me. Thanks!
  2. No I haven't been able to do the code to disable the slider 😞 Do you have any sugggestions?
  3. Sweet! That worked to get the images closer to the header but I the slider still works 😞 On a mobile device when I swipe across the image the image disappears and gets slid over. Is there any way to disable the slider?
  4. Thank you so much for the help! It seemed to kinda work.... On a mobile device I can still swipe through photos and the top photo is really far away from the header! Please help! Thanks!
  5. Yup! https://www.sdgapparel.com/jesusdiedcollection/p/oxfo98v4q4xyr1kwo0obtiodb8u956-ht8aa-cyxar Really appreciate the help I've been trying to get these images stacked on mobile for a while now!
  6. I was wondering if you could look at this again. None of the code seems to work to get the products stacked on mobile. I've tried everything. Please help!
  7. Hello I am having this same issue! The code is not working : ( I just want my product images to be stacked and not in a carousel. I currently have stacked on desktop but it changes to a carousel on mobile! Please help!
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