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  1. @GlynMusica On all points, you have cleared up my confusion. I appreciate your time! Thank you, Ill make sure to update with any relevant knowledge I may gain from this point forward. ❤️
  2. @GlynMusica Thank you for all your help on this. I have read most of your responses in other threads, and you seem to be the most informed on this situation. However, I am still at a lost. Based on what I have interpreted from you and other user's previous posts, I am led to believe the following: 1. It is not proven that CAPI solves blocked tracking from opted out iOS users. The benefit of CAPI is to avoid Ad-blockers, and receive more precise data. (Increased ROAS) 2. Installing CAPI onto SS is possible only through a third-party provider (expensive), hiring a developer to install the CAPI via code injection (Advanced), or setting up web-hooks (Zapier). 3. SS has not made any announcements about implementing a Facebook Campaign Manager from within SS. However, this would be the best possible solution. (Shopify currently does) Is this correct? if so, it seems that the best course of action at the moment for SS users with a lack of development knowledge and no desire to spend large amounts of money, should simply wait for better implementation from SS. In the meantime use FB Pixel, and remove iOS users from our audience. Anyone else have anything to add?
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