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  1. Just below the Add to Cart button it says Magical Santa Letters 2020.....
  2. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie It won't delete off just one of my products. Everything I try to do it it throws up an 'Unexpected Error' message. Is there a way to remove it with css? my website is http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie It on the 'Baby's First Christmas' product page. Thanks in advance, - Aoife
  3. Thanks for that, it works really well! Is there a way to bring the image block up a tiny bit more to meet the hamburger on the about page? And then is there a code like the one above for the actual product pages? I appreciate your help 🙂 - Aoife
  4. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help, please 🙂 I love how the padding looks on my mobile homepage, (the space between the hamburger and the first image and the last image and the line block) Is there custom-css to make it the same on my shop page, the product pages, the about page, the 'how it works' page and the contact page? As it stands the space my website is http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Thank you in advance, - Aoife
  5. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Hi, I'm hoping someone can help, please! I'm just wondering if there's custom-css to remove the word 'Shop' from the top of my shop page on mobile only? my website is http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Thank you in advance, - Aoife
  6. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Hi 🙂 I've just run into a problem. I'm receiving order notifications to the wrong email address. I can't change my account email address via my account settings. It gives me this error and I can't figure it out. Google Disconnect Email Address hello@bridetobee.ie This email address can be updated from your Google account settings. Any help/instructions would be greatly appreciated. - Aoife
  7. Sorry, I just seen your last message. That has solved the mobile appearing on the desktop but the hamburger is back aligned to the right.
  8. Can you just check this for me, please. The mobile header is now showing on the desktop? Thanks 🙂
  9. Will this resize the text 'follow us on instagram' text above the instagram feed? Sorry if I didn't explain correctly!
  10. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie I was hoping someone could help, please. I would like to have the option to move my hamburger to the centre of the page so that it appears below my logo. Is this possible with custom css? My website is http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie and my password is 1 Thank you kindly! - Aoife
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