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  1. Site URL: https://locatoraradio.com/shop/papi-hat Hello! I am trying to add another heading line (like the attached screenshot below, specifically the "about" text) using my Heading 2 formatting in my product pages. I want this to be on every product page, but have yet to figure it out. Squarespace isn't as flexible as I wish! Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. Thanks, @tuanphan! This worked for mobile, but not quite for tablet. Any work around? Thanks!
  3. Agreed! Would love some help with this. My site is here. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the newsletter block. On desktop the newsletter block looks great but the whole thing is too long for mobile/tablet. I want to scale back so it's more responsive and matches the sizing of mobile/tablet. And on tablet, the text is weirdly shifted to the right. Let me know if this isn't clear. Below is the CSS I currently have to format the text sizing. Thanks! .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-header-title { font-family: adobe-garamond-pro; font-size: 70px; font-weight:
  4. No worries-- it worked, thank you! Last one! Still can't change the body text size. It's 15px right now and want to change it to 24px. I know my body text css is wrong, just can't figure it out. Thanks again! .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-header-title { font-family: adobe-garamond-pro; font-size: 70px; font-weight: 700; letter-spacing: 0.02em; line-height: 1em; text-transform: none; } .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-body-text { font-family: adobe-garamond-pro; font-size: 24px; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: 0em; line-height: 1.65em; text-tr
  5. This looks so much better! Thank you! I don't understand why but the weight and text lines are not working-- still not bold or bigger text sixe. Any other work around?
  6. For sure, here is the website. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the newsletter block. And I've been trying to get my text fonts to match the rest of the website here is the code I've been using, somewhere in the code i can't get it to match. Screenshots below too, hope this is enough info! Thanks for the help! .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-button { font-family: 'din condensed', normal!important; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 0.1em; } .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-button { max-height: 50px !important; } .newsletter-form-header-title { fo
  7. Hi, this code works! But the text in the button is still slightly closer to the top than I'd like. Any way to change the text positioning?
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