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  1. I read online that i can place the .svg logo as code in a code box. is there any way to place this on top of the slideshow aswell?
  2. https://www.sverrekleppe.com/new-page heres the page. i added the full bleed gallery slideshow and imported one of my own photos. i copied the code and pasted it into the captions box. are the buttons gonna look like the buttons i have on the current landing page? i also want to add an .SVG logo over the buttons on top of the slideshow. do i have to use the header for this, or is using the header the best solution
  3. ive looked online and it looks like its possible in 7.0 but ive only used 7.1. i know a website which uses 7.0 brine template which has a slideshow with buttons on top. check out the cover page for this site www.jaredpolin.com
  4. Site URL: https://www.sverrekleppe.com/home1 on the desktop version of my site, buttons show up beside eachother on the landing page. but when i go to the site on mobile they move. i cant seem to find any soloution in 7.1 so im wondering if i have to use custom css to fix this. i cant code so im asking here
  5. Site URL: https://www.sverrekleppe.com/home1 im trying create a slideshow with buttons and a logo png on top in 7.1. i know this is possible in 7.0 with the brine template but im in 7.1 but i have to use custom code. cant find anything online that helps.
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