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  1. Site URL: http://amandabrandimore.ca Hi There - I am going with Aweber to manage my newsletters and subscribers. I can easily create a form on Aweber and link take the custom HTML code and add it to any page on my website. Works great. (See my Book Appt tab for an example) I'd like to know how I can add this to a Promotional Pop-up bar. When I look at the settings in Squarespace, i don't see an option to add custom code for this. I've searched on the forums and what I've seen the best options are: 1. Create some javacode that creates a pop up. From there, I can embed or reference
  2. I have taken the time to learn the steps. I have followed the Squarespace help files. Believe me, it's not a matter of ability to learn or taking the time to learn. Nope, the # of usage per day. that's not the issue. I will try the mail tester link you suggested.
  3. I am just jumping back to this to see if someone else found an answer. Essentially I have the Google Drive folder open and I check the fiel daily to see who is signing up. It's very small amoutns but it's silly that email notifications are not working. I get emails for everything else on my Gmail account so what is going on here? I'm going to call tomorrow and ask the support folks.
  4. Site URL: http://amandabrandimore.ca Hi There I found a few other topics were people are having the same issue but they didn't have solutions. I am hoping you can help. I added a promotional pop up and it's connected to Google Drive. I can see an entry in there for my test for my own subscription and this is part is working, but no email is being sent to my email account. Right now I'd have to open up the file multiple times to see if there is an entry in there. I checked my Primary, Social and Promotional inboxes as well as my spam and there is nothing. Can someone plea
  5. Did you get an answer to this? I am having the same issue and I'm checking all over my GMAIL account and there is no notification sent.
  6. Thank you @SpencerC That is the issue. I'm using Qwant search engine within my browser. I went to Google and then searched and it's accurate. I think you're right, I need to reindex on the search engines. Thanks for your quick response on this! Amanda
  7. Site URL: http://amandabrandimore.ca Hi There When you search amandabrandimore.ca you get the below result When you click on it, it takes me to the "About Amanda" page. This is not the home page setup in squarespace settings. What am I missing? I feel it's because it's not a "Home" page persay. Maybe it's the way I used the tempate? Sorry for the junior question.
  8. Thank you so much @edharris! I appreciate the feedback. It appears the indexing and such is now working. Awesome. I will definitely check into the Google My business listing. I will certainly reach out soon to discuss more about the SEO impact on blogging. Much appreciated!
  9. Site URL: http://amandabrandimore.ca Hi Everyone I am new to squarespace, so please bare with me. I have built my website using this technology and I host my domain with Sibername.com I have went through: the best pracitses guide and I have added SEO descriptions to all my pages, linked my social media profiles, adding a location map and I will be starting blogging soon. I have connected to google and added a Sitemap. I'm a bit confused on 3 things: 1- SEO keyword search shows "No data available". I am unsure of what to do here. 2 - When I search Amanda Brandi
  10. Thanks for this information. It seems to not be working for me. I have added a Social image on my squarespace page, amandabrandimore.ca I go to Facebook and have scraped about 10 times and nothing is showing I go to LInkedIn an the wrong image is appearing but at least some image is. I've tried clearing my browsers cache and no luck.
  11. Thanks for this post. I thought the same thing and didn't know about the versions. I ended up finding a template I like and was able to make it work. I thought it was just me! Not being able to drag a text box elsewhere seems silly but the template is really clean in nice so it's worth a bit of the hassle.
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