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  1. Hi and a simple question; Customer search function for a gated member area. Will this work? We had one in place for a video gallery prior to moving the gallery to a new member area and now it won't show any results. I suspect it's being blocked by the gated area but is there a solution? Thanks.
  2. Hi and let me say, great add on; Gated Member areas. I have been looking into this and was disappointed with the lack. but now here it is! Bingo. One question though. I can see the layout basis of the gated areas and you don't seem to be able to add the same content to multiple member areas. ie, Tiered plans of membership where the 2nd and 3rd levels would have access to the same content as the lower plans, plus some extras. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Susan. Fixed this one. If it's of interest; I was looking too far into it and a simple search ref link in the button setup does the reick nicely.
  4. Hi All, I can't find much on this workaround so here goes; I'm trying to make a searchable Video Gallery for 7.1 based site. As you need to post videos as separate blocks and can't draw a feed from a gallery, like images, I'm looking at a blog for the ref engine and video posts. This then allows tagging and categories for search bar. BUT.. Ideally, we would like a button to search for specific categories, instead of having the user randomly search with a text input. My CSS is no-where near this level so looking for clickable function for a button to replicate a search term input. ie, a pre
  5. Hi CR, did you have any luck with this one? And or the plugin above. We are trying make a Button based search function to reference a blog that contains video posts with tags and Categories. I'd be interested to hear any brainwaves.
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