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  1. Site URL: http://www.niagarafilm.co Does anyone know of a way to add an order status page? Not for shipping but for services. I offer film processing and I'd love for a way to update peoples orders so they can see where it's at in the process. - Update when film is received - Update when it's sorted - Update when it's processed - Update when it's scanned And then finally fulfill the order. Does anyone know of a way to add this whether its internal or external?
  2. you would think with all the people asking for it they would implement item specific shipping. It's probably one of the most common requests I see in these forums and they're losing a lot of business because of it. I know several people who have left squarespace because of that and I'm looking at different options myself. Disappointing to say the least
  3. Site URL: http://www.niagarafilm.co Does anybody know if there is any plan for shipping by store options? I have 3 different store pages on my site as I run a small scale film lab, I sell cameras/film, and im planning on selling shirts. The issue i'm having though it Setting up shipping for each is impossible. The film lab I want the options to pay flat rate for shipping, dispose of the negatives, pay for me to drop them off if they're local or let them pick them up. The cameras I want just a shipping cost, drop off, or pick up option, and for the shirts i'll be using printful and need just a shipping option. Why is this so difficult to implement? does anyone know any workarounds?
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