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  1. Hi there... sorry for delay, I had a separate issue which has now been resolved, try now.
  2. Site URL: https://christinalister.co.uk/ Hello again! I have worked out how to add some code into site wide code injection which means I can change my folders to actual links, resources page and services page. However I wondered if there is also code I can use to do this on mobile also? As the folders there are still inactive. Thanks! Nina
  3. Site URL: https://christinalister.co.uk/ Hi there! I have some custom code in my header injection to change my logo from white to colour, on two pages only. However, can I carry this forward to mobile? Is there any specific code for that? Thanks! Nina
  4. This is fab thank you! Copied and pasted and worked a treat!
  5. Site URL: https://christinalister.co.uk/ HI there! My site is almost there, thanks for all your support. I have just spotting something that I'm unsure how to change, on the resources and news page, the drop down in navy doesn't really work. Is there any custom code I can pop into the header code injection to make the text or background a different colour?But on those pages only. Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://christinalister.co.uk/ Hi! When I click on certain pages, on the browser tab on chrome, next to the favicon, it says the incorrect name, for instance about says 'general 2' Do you know how I can fix this? Site is public and live for you to view. Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://lime-oleander-s6sf.squarespace.com/ Hi, First thanks for your continued help as I set up my site. Can I ask, is it possible to change my header background on different pages? From transparent to colour? During the trial I had custom code for this, but I now realise it's premium feature. Thanks!
  8. I realise this may be an obvious question, but can I create two "blog" sections on one page? https://lime-oleander-s6sf.squarespace.com/ password heritage, resources page. I need some to be under marketing, and some to be under freelance at the bottom. Excuse the crass mockup! But I can't see a "blog" section anywhere, just a summary and there is no option to duplicate. Thanks
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