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  1. I add a little piece to this workaround, I use this for cash on delivery or bank transfer orders. If you have an accounting service, 0$ orders could be a problem. For that, I've created some custom SKUs named, for example, "Cash on Delivery Payment" and on my accounting software (mine is a Google Sheet) I've added a rule in order to get the real price from -(discount amount).
  2. Hey @Sapin, my website is multilingual, check it out. If you are looking for a multilingual checkout, I'm afraid it is not possible on Squarespace. I mean, it is if you build another site and if you pay the monthly amount twice. There is an alternative though, it is called Weglot. I've never tried it btw.
  3. Have you tried to set the "from" field to the default value? These kind of issues are not as rare as you may think, that's why I kept it default too. You never know
  4. Hey Nathan, I understand your idea but I'm afraid this can't be done on Squarespace... it's a common marketing strategy to give a discount based on the product you have in the cart, I think Squarespace should consider it too
  5. Site URL: https://www.fioridicipria.com/it/shop-now Hi there! I've created a custom shop page form my website using Summary Blocks and tags and I'd love to change the position of the product-scarcity text. I'm looking for a way to display the text right at the bottom of the product image, like the attached photo. If you guys could help, I'd really appreciate it (currently the product-scarcity is hidden because I haven't designed it yet)
  6. That is actually really nice! Your extension, I mean... I'll consider it 🤔
  7. I've created myself a cross sell feature on my Squarespace website, check it out. Try add to cart this product: https://www.fioridicipria.com/it/shop-now/prodotti/crema-viso-ialuronico-tripla-azione If you like it, I can send the code here so that anybody could implement it
  8. There is no possible way, I'm afraid. You can always create a "service" product for Gift Wrapping, but the customer will need to add it manually to the cart. I've "solved" asking only for a gift message, no gift wrapping. That's sad but Squarespace is really limited from a commercial point of view.
  9. If you want, you can create a 100% automatic discount and limit it only for the first payment. That's possible.
  10. OF COURSE that would be awesome if Squarespace worked on their e-commerce features... design is important but that's not the main goal if you sell an e-commerce platform
  11. It's quite unprofessional but, at least, it works. Create a free shipping option for this service (if you live in US or Canada you can limit it by zip codes) Create a 100% discount code Your customers will have to chose the free shipping option and then insert the 100% discount code, they won't have to add their payment method doing so.
  12. If the cart amount is zero, there is no need to insert credit card. I use this workaround for Cash On Delivery (about that, will Squarespace wake up and implement that?). I've created a custom cash on delivery 100% discount code, if you are selling a service (no shipping costs) you will be able to have an order created without payment
  13. I have the solution for "from", just add this script in a code block in the product page (under additional contents, if you know that I mean). <script> document.querySelectorAll('.product-price').forEach(function(product) {javascript:noop(); product.textContent = "od €25.00"; }); </script> This should work, if not it is kinda hard to test without the website link
  14. Discount code flexibility is, in my opinion, one of the biggest limitations for Squarespace. I understand that design is their main goal but still... You can create an automatic discount for free shipping (for every order or depending on a minimum subtotal, your choice) and you can decide to apply for the first recurring payment or for every payment (or again, you can exclude recurring payments completely). If that is what you are looking for, you can't decide to charge for shipping only for the first payment. The opposite is possible though.
  15. Squarespace checkout is completely untouchable, so every manipulation like these are simply impossible. I thought about the Shipstation+FBA combo too but we are worried we may lose the contact with the customer. Moreover, it is likely that the customer will decide to buy on Amazon rather than on our website. Once again, we have to wait for Squarespace... that sucks
  16. This is ridiculous! We pay the full amount every year but essential features (such as this one) are limited to US and Canada. Why?? Just give the possibility to manually insert the ZIP codes if you don't have a database available. Simple and fast.
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