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  1. Works perfectly, thanks. Your assistance is much appreciated! Have a nice day, T
  2. Hello Team Squarespace! I have the same question as others asked above. I would like for this image (which is positioned left on web-version and therefore above at mobile version) to appear below the text on mobile version. So, on mobile version I would prefer: text image instead of: image text I added some images to show what I mean. My website is www.tuurfransvermeiren.com Thanks in advance! 🙂
  3. Hello creedon, Thank you for taking the time to follow this up. My website is still under construction, I've set up a site-wide password for you. Website: https://tuurfransvermeiren.squarespace.com Password: Hello1234 Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! I checked the forum and found similar questions, but never exactly the same. My request is: Is there a way (through coding) to remove both the date AND white square that appears on top of the thumbnails in my events summary? I also want to disable the ability to click on them, I only want the images to be shown in a summary format. (see image attached) In case the question does already exists and is already answered, apologies! Thanks in advance, tuurfv
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