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  1. My prt screen is under. check first message! I would be super happy for help!
  2. I guess I could try that. Should I put in format medium or large? Or is there better way? Could you help me with a little bit off topic about google search console. I want to admit a sitemap, but it gives me all the time the same error. I have no idea which date format on the website is not correct. I do have two pages where there are date formats: EVENT PAGE: https://www.bushmans.si/vadbe-online BLOG PAGE: https://www.bushmans.si/blog Here is an error! (Thank you for helping me) I really want to fix this one. No google - no fun. An invalid date was found. Please fix the date or formatting before resubmitting. Examples Line 811 Parent tag: url Tag: lastmod
  3. Site URL: https://www.bushmans.si/vadbe-online Hi! So i am submiting sitemap.xml in search console from google and it gives me an error. What should I do to fix the date. I havechecked my calendar on the website and it seems fine. What should I do? What is actually wrong with date format? Is the fault in my event page: https://www.bushmans.si/vadbe-online or blog page: https://www.bushmans.si/blog/intervju-s-samo-seboj-o-kreti An invalid date was found. Please fix the date or formatting before resubmitting. Examples Line 816 Parent tag: url Tag: lastmod
  4. Humm! That is a great idea. How should I do that? This is so good that you want to help! I have too many questions still!
  5. Business. Yessa! Thank you! This worked like a charm.
  6. Site URL: https://www.bushmans.si/vadbe-online/ashtanga-yoga No idea! But would be happy if you can help! How to Change/ translate date on events page. For example on this site I don't want an english written Friday. Friday>>> Petek November>> Novjember Plus. Is it possible to change "from" infront of the price?
  7. hey! Went online. So, here are direct links for some examples: http://www.bushmans.si/shop/p/darilnibon http://www.bushmans.si/windsurf-rodos
  8. Struggling with translating in many ways. Has anybody idea how to change this "back" text in mobile nav menu? 7.1 squarespace
  9. Hej! Thanks for that. Did not work. Did as you said (or maybe not). Does it work with 7.1?
  10. Hi! I would really love to change the text for the "shop" section. select values---> Izberi from---> od The website is not yet online-no url to give. Here is PrtSc 🤪
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