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  1. Site URL: https://kblessdbutters.com Hello Everyone, I had my store set up the way I needed it but accidently deleted my store. I entered everything in but now I'm having issues. I sell Body Butters with 36 different fragrances. I also sell Sugar Scrubs with 29 different fragrances. I also sell them as sets (body butter/scrub set) with 29 variants. For the sets, I had 2 drop down menus with each fragrance under each product. So for example, for the sets, they would choose fragrance for butter and then the next drop down they would choose for scrub. I entered each fragrance twice (for th
  2. Site URL: http://kblessdbutters.com Hello, Can someone please help me with adding a "continue shopping" button to my check out page so tjsgwhen customers have items in their cart and want to add more, they can click on "continue shopping" or have the option to checkout. Thank you!
  3. Hi Paul....any way that you can do the same for me? Thanks!
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