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  1. Hi managed to solve this myself using some some code I used for a previous element. Leaving the methodology here incase some one else can benefit from it. Essentially I duplicated the footer and hid one in mobile and the other in desktop which allows for different code to be applied to each case with out affecting the other. Using this code added here: Settings>Advanced>Code Injection>Footer <style> @media only screen and (max-width: 780px) { [data-section-id="5fa468b9be882012fbd59af3"] { display: none !important; } } @media only
  2. Hey @bangank36 don’t suppose this is something you can assist with? Your other recommendations have been spot on! 🤷‍♂️🙏👍 M/.
  3. Thanks again. I have access to the code school , which I’ve used thus far for other customisations, but it but it’s not helping to solve this issue. Perhaps another user would be bale to suggest a different solution?
  4. thanks @derricksrandomviews that didn't seem to work. That code would suggest that only the mobile view location would be affected, not the desk top version too. Nor would it affect sizing? For reference the specific image block ID is: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1608328645763_4525 Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks @derricksrandomviews for your reply! I think your link really only covers beginner level image block use and doesn't cover exact positioning in relation to other items, or adapt the size of the logo relative to desktop Vs Mobile. I've already followed the basics to add the. logo. image. You can see below what I have - the post above is what's looking to achieve. Looking for some custom CSS, I think? Thanks again! Best, M/.
  6. Site URL: https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/config/ URL: https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, so one of the last elements to sort before my. site goes live: positioning of the footer logo. Help request is two fold: 1). Change the size of footer logo (image block) on mobile and desk top. 2). align the logo to both the bottom copy block and the right hands side of the slideshow image. See screen shot examples of what I'm trying to achieve below. As always your help is. greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  7. Thanks for this @bangank36, the tip for the chrome ID finder is great! I couldn't get your code to work but finding the right ID allowed me to use a different code I was playing with prior which works perfectly. Solved! M/.
  8. Site URL: https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/ URL: https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/ PW : test Hi, I've been able to follow a number of forum topics on this subject but cant seem to get the code to work. Have two backgrounds set on the home page, would like to hide the landscape one in mobile and the portrait one in desktop / tablet modes. Tried to locate the section ID's but that didnt seem to work. Should end up looking like the images below. Many thanks!
  9. Amazing thanks so much. Worked a charm. For reference it's not a blog page. The blog page had some formatting elements that didn't work for me so these are just text hyperlinks to give a similar impression. You are a legend. Much appreciated.
  10. I see, sorry. It's basically any of the 'project pages' when viewed in mobile. Link to all the pages with the same issue: https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/moleskine-milan https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/footpatrol-london https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/carhartt-soho https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/carhartt-shoreditch https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/red-red-london https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/carhartt-showroom https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/footpatrol-paris https://guava-guppy
  11. https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com PW: test
  12. Site URL: https://guava-guppy-sx4w.squarespace.com/ Hi - trying to align these text buttons in mobile view. I've followed the comments on similar posts but to no avail. Apologies for such a noob question. thanks in advance. PW: test1
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