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  1. Hello @tuanphan, you are always so helpful, I was wondering if you can help with the above? With the previous code you gave I hid all the folders on the mobile menu so it only shows the links inside them. But the issue is that the pages that are not folders are also hidden from the mobile navigation. Sorry to insist. I appreciate your time a lot. I've done lots of research since november but still can't get to the bottom of this to solve it.
  2. Hello @tuanphan, I haven't solved yet. I'll try to make it clearer. So this is how my mobile menu looks like now, after adding the code: And below the original main menu without the code. I'd like to keep the "Buscar" button that leads to the search page on my blog. Is there a way to do this?
  3. Hello @tuanphan @jpeter, Thanks it worked wonderfully! Is there a way to still show some of the items on the "first level" of the menu? I have there the link to my search page, and otherwise there's no other link on the website. My website is: www.simpledomus.com The link to the search page on the computer view it's here it's called " Buscar ". here is the link:https://www.simpledomus.com/search
  4. Site URL: http://www.simpledomus.com Hello! I am looking to release a new interior design blog within the next weeks, I've worked on design and had great help from this community, so I just wanted to see if anyone has any other feedback on this? Right now the site is only in spanish, but I am looking to offer also an english version within the next months following this guide from tuanphan https://beaverhero.com/squarespace-2-languages/. I am specially worried about loading times, I don't know if it takes too long too load. I tested it on pingdom and gt metrix and tried to change as much as I could, but I really don't want to reduce even more on css/gifs/typefaces as I think it would ruin the whole design... If you see a design issue or have any other general thoughts or opinions please do not hesitate to share. I am open to all feedback! Thank you so much for your time! Paula.
  5. @tuanphanthank you so much!!! how can I delete this black frame that appears when I click on the text box? also can I force the result page pictures to format 1:1?
  6. hello @tuanphanis quite busy, can someone help me with this? https://www.simpledomus.com/search?q=ikea this is a search result, pw is simple I want to style the search bar so it's around 50% its width and has the following css: {background:#EEEDEB; border-style:none; border-bottom-style:solid; border-bottom-color:#B5A293; border-color: #B5A293!important;} But I can't find the way to apply this to the search bar... Also the result page I would like it to look something like the attached file, with a text under the search bar saying "search results:" and only display blog titles and categories, not the text. Would so much appreciate if someone can help with this!
  7. https://www.simpledomus.com/search?q=ikea here @tuanphan
  8. @tuanphan You've helped me so much with all the codes you've shared on the squarespace forum. Usually I can find the answer I need with all the codes you share helping people, but I can't wrap my head around this search bar page. I want to display the results like you did it for @frauhilde, and also style a little bit the search bar so it's around 50% its width and the background colour is not white but beige like my page. Here is my website: https://www.simpledomus.com/ pw: simple
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