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  1. I looked on your site for Wishlist model. It doesn't show how it works, no screenshots. The features list looks good, but what does it do how does it do it?- Does it replace SquareSpace (SS) inventory?- Does it override SS shopping cart all together?- If it does what it says it will do, then that is promising.
  2. Same problem here. Our company is looking for a modern interface for desktop and mobile customers who can see our inventory and place a Purchase Order. That is the FUNCTION that is needed. Our inventory costs $250 ~ 50,000 per item. They require 18 wheelers to ship, which requires distance and other factors before a final price. These kinds of ORDERS cannot and SHOULD NOT be processed through Paypal or other small item store checkout systems. We paid for the COMMERCE version of SquareSpace, so its not like SquareSpace is losing money per item sold. So the system should show our QTY, the can add it all into a shopping cart. They click checkout, which allows them to fill in their name, phone & email. (I created that form, it works fine) But then there is the CHECKOUT FORM that we cannot remove! By filling out the Purchase Order, we should get the info... We contact the customer, who most times they themselves HAVE to find transport, or they already have a transport service they use. There are other factors such as customization or adjustments needed for the order. Now, I can create manual product pages, but this is HIGHLY crumble-some and takes much more time to add. It kind of works, but I should NOT have to this. Rather than just clicking "add inventory" and selecting categories, pricing, photos and be done. I would have to duplicate an item, remove pics and text and replace with other pics and text, then save the page. Using the STRIPE / Test mode is unprofessional and confusing, can appear like a scam... and how long is that supposed to go on? Stripe makes money by providing a service, to use their services in a TEST MODE is abusive of their services which they may shut down at any time. "Gift card" = NOPE! This ONE THING has us stuck and if we cannot find a solution, than we cannot use SquareSpace at all. Adding a "SKIP payment" and "Purchase Order" as options to "Make payment" would go along way to helping Square Space clients. The main point of Square Space is websites made easy... this is not it.
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