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  1. As you can see there are no space between the two banner images compared to the other site, I would like to have a 12 pixels border/space between as it would be the same as the padding on to egdes.
  2. do you know a code that adds a white border/padding on a index page banner? (margot template)
  3. no its weird what cause is, but thank you so much for trying the help fix it :). i think im okay with the loading image its better than that black field
  4. Site URL: https://casperkrohn.com hi is there any way of adding a white border between sections on a index page ?
  5. the reason you couldn't find the page in the video is that i have changed the homepage, but the problem is still present you can see it on https://casperkrohn.com/
  6. unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. im on 7.0 if that changes anything ?
  7. yes i deleted the entire code so it's pretty wiered
  8. yes of course this is the code i have used Inject This Code Into the Header HTML <!-- Loading Screen --> <div class="loadingscreen"> <span class="loading"><span class="loader-inner"><img class="logo-pulse" src="IMAGE URL" alt="ALTERNATE TEXT"></span></span> </div> <!-- End of Loading Screen --> Inject This Code Into the Footer HTML <!-- Loading Screen --> <script> window.onload = function() { document.querySelectorAll(".Header").forEach(x => x.style.visibility = "visible"); document.querySelectorAll(".loadingscreen").forEach(x => x.style.display = "none"); }; </script> <!-- End of Loading Screen --> Custom CSS CSS /* Loading Screen */ .Header { visibility: hidden; } .loadingscreen{ background: #FFF; opacity: 1; z-index: 2000; width: 100%; height: 100vh; } .loadingscreen > .loading { background: #FFF; width: 100%; height: 100vh; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; } .loading img { height: 200px; width: 200px; } .logo-pulse{ animation-name: pulse; -webkit-animation-name: pulse; animation-duration: 1.5s; -webkit-animation-duration: 1.5s; animation-iteration-count: infinite; -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite; } @keyframes pulse { 0% { transform: scale(0.9); opacity: 0.7; } 50% { transform: scale(1); opacity: 1; } 100% { transform: scale(0.9); opacity: 0.7; } } @-webkit-keyframes pulse { 0% { -webkit-transform: scale(0.95); opacity: 0.7; } 50% { -webkit-transform: scale(1); opacity: 1; } 100% { -webkit-transform: scale(0.95); opacity: 0.7; } }
  9. yeah its the black box yeah have right clicks disabled to prevent theft of pictures but i have enabled it so you can help
  10. hope this shows the problem 🙂 screen-recording.webm
  11. Hmm weird its happening on both mobiles and computers, i have even tried on different computers and checked after your answer and it is still there ?
  12. Site URL: https://casperkrohn.com Hi im desperate to get some help i have spent the last days working on my website and got really happy with the result, i was making an animated loading page through codes but didn't like how it looked so i thought i could just delete the codes and everything would be great but now there is a weird black field when i load pages, can you help ? CasperKrohn.com
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