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  1. Site URL: https://oichiferments.co.uk/ Hi there. New to coding and I had added some code for the home page changing the drop down menus (in the flavour section) to white. This has worked perfectly, HOWEVER... I then created the online shop. This is currently password protected while I finish it, and while the colour of the markdown block has remained consistent with the home page, for some reason the font is now black. When I open the design page and CSS block, all the font suddenly switches to white, but when I come out of the page is then returns to black. Is thi
  2. Site URL: https://bulldog-alpaca-kydk.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css I've trawled a few of the Accordian and drop down threads but struggling to find a fix. I have been able to create one accordian drop down with multiple sections but when I try to add a second or third it starts to play up. The website will have three drinks flavours in the same section. Three Images, three descriptions and under each of these images there will be a drop down box listing the ingredients, storage and fact base info about the plant ingredients. I have been able to succe
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