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  1. Site URL: http://tremblaysweetshop.com We currently charge a flat $2.00 handling fee on all phone orders we receive. We would like to implement this on our website as well. Is there a way to add a flat fee on every order? I looked through the commerce pages but didn't find anything. Thank you
  2. Site URL: http://tremblaysweetshop.com A few weeks ago we had an issue with orders not showing up on the "orders" page and now it's happening again. I navigate to commerce, then orders, and the page is blank. I can choose between all orders, pending orders, and fulfillfed orders. All 3 options are blank. Also, I cannot type in the "search pending orders" field. My mouse doesn't even transform into the "caret" when I hover over it. All morning I have been able to access pending orders and mark them off as fulfilled. I can view orders from my email in the meantime, but I like to be able to mark them as fulfilled from my actual website. I tried clearing browsing history and cookies and I also tried checking my orders from Firefox and still had the same issue. Last time this happened the issue seemed to resolve itself overnight. I would appreciate any insight on this--thank you!
  3. Site URL: http://www.tremblaysweetshop.com password is tremblays example is this page https://www.tremblaysweetshop.com/fudge-2 I don't like how my website is setup to display the minimum price of a given product in the category page. Rather than saying "from $min price" can I somehow customize it to say nothing, or perhaps the higher price?
  4. Oh, I did not even realize that was an option. I found the "track inventory" option and toggled it off. Thanks so much!
  5. Site URL: https://www.tremblaysweetshop.com/brittle/p/43po0d7xhg2jzw5imzdldhshrwyh5i https://www.tremblaysweetshop.com/brittle/p/43po0d7xhg2jzw5imzdldhshrwyh5i Password is tremblays The quantity drop-down box is automatically present as long as my products have at least 1 variant. My products with no variants (see above link) have no quantity option. If I add a variant to these products, the quantity box shows up with them. When I remove the variants, so goes the quantity box. I saw some posts about toggling a quantity option but could not find it anywhere. Thank you
  6. Password is "tremblays", here's a link to one of the products I'm having issues with: https://onion-lettuce-npya.squarespace.com/brittle/p/43po0d7xhg2jzw5imzdldhshrwyh5i As soon as I add a variant, the quantity box also appears. One I remove the variant, so goes the quantity box. Thank you for looking into this
  7. Site URL: https://onion-lettuce-npya.squarespace.com/config/design/product-items I am setting up my website and only the products with variants are showing a quantity option. When I remove the variants, the quantity option also disappears. I've looked everywhere but cannot find the option to turn the quantity option back on for these products. Thank you
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