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  1. Hi Paul, Mainly because as far as I can tell (and as I mentioned I'm a newbie when it comes to Squarespace) Montserrat on Squarespace only offers two weights (400 and 700) and I'd like to use others. I hoped that by importing it I would have the ability to choose the font weight. Is it possible that because Squarespace already has Montserrat that it's actually over-riding my import and restricting me to just the 400 and 700? Surely there is a way to over ride that. Thanks for any help/guidance you can provide. Phil
  2. Hi We're still very much trialling Squarespace with a view to moving our site if it meets our criteria. I'm liking what I see so far especially the option to dive into the CSS and style the site to fit our brand. However I've hit a weird snag that I hope the more experienced Squarespace users might help me understand. We use the Google font Montserrat. I'm importing that into our trial template and have it working to an extent. In the code below you'll see that I'm importing several weights, but Squarespace doesn't seem to be showing the font weights as I would expect. Weight 600 loo
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