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  1. Thanks, @tuanphan Happy to have you help with the code!
  2. Site URL: https://www.kpluswarchitects.com/ Hi! I am hoping I can find a way to have the project titles for pages be on two lines on the 'Our Work' page. I'd be fine with a headline and subhead setup. Is there a way to do this? site password: charlie1
  3. try https://www.kpluswarchitects.com/projects/woods-hole
  4. hi! I just wanted to see if there were any helpful tips for this? This is the look I am going for:
  5. yes! https://www.kpluswarchitects.com/portfolio/woods-hole
  6. Site URL: https://kpluswarchitects.com Hello! I used the code below in order to have two different fonts on the same line. It looks great on desktop and even in the squarespace mobile preview, but on my actual phone, the fonts do not match what is specified in the code. // 2 Fonts // h4 strong { font-weight: 400; font-family: Brandon Grotesque; font-size: 2.6rem; color:black !important; } The first screenshot is correct, and the second shows the view on my phone with the wrong fonts. The website password is: charlie1 I appre
  7. sorry- updated the url in a different comment. https://clownfish-aardvark-tazr.squarespace.com/general-2 password: charlie1
  8. it is the K+W icon. the background of the image is the same color as the section background
  9. hi! sorry for the late reply. here is the updated URL https://clownfish-aardvark-tazr.squarespace.com/general-2
  10. Site URL: https://pineapple-maracas-sd82.squarespace.com/home Hi! I am wanting the circle image in the third section of the page to overlap the section above it, so it sits between the two. I've tried targeting the image with css but have not been successful. Could someone offer some advice?
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