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  1. Hi, I have attached screenshot fro IE and Chrome. Thanks for looking at it. Ger
  2. Did you get an answer for this. I had the same question and found code online to do it. If you need it lemme know. Ger
  3. Site URL: https://www.donaghmedesc.org/our-stores Hi, I have a grid : simple on this page of my website : https://www.donaghmedesc.org/our-stores which displays perfectly well in Chrome BUT on IE it seems to be displaying the mobile version on the desktop - therefore its showing large blurry images. Am using 7.1 Any ideas ? thanks Ger
  4. Hi tuanphan - I just want to translate Monday, Tuesday etc in the calendar grid. I also want to translate the month in the grid heading. The following code does in fact change the days in the grid but the English is still there - it does not overwrite the content. .yui3-calendar-weekday[aria-label="Monday"]:after { content : "Luan"; } .yui3-calendar-weekday[aria-label="Tuesday"]:after { content : "Mairt"; } Ger
  5. Am trying something like this for the days but can't get the correct selectors for the Month. Also can't yet hide the English dayname - it is still appearing alongside the Irish one. .yui3-calendar-weekday[aria-label="Monday"]:after { content : "Luan"; } .yui3-calendar-weekday[aria-label="Tuesday"]:after { content : "Mairt"; }
  6. No haven't solved it, thanks for offering to look at it. https://www.liosnanog.com/filire-1
  7. Hi, Did any of you guys get code for change the language for months and days on the default SSpace calendar. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks Ger
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