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  1. text too small, clickable elements too close and content wider than screen seems to be an ongoing issue. I have raised this elsewhere (SEO and marketing thread)and receive the advice that it is a google anomaly. This does not solve the problem. Tried "reaching out" to 5 designers on the marketplace to solve this , and at the same time sort out white space on my 7.1 site....nobody is available to do it, let alone provide a quote. Where do we go from here, I wonder?
  2. oops..you are right. Have done it, but not much change. Is moving the text block up not an option?
  3. Thanks, Thomas syntax error in line one...not able to spot it. I have tried the following script, gleaned from previous posts...it works to a degree, but I feel the text block could be shifted... here is what I used: any suggestions [data-section-id="5f31ed47b3c9af0fb7d0b930"] { min-height: 10vh !important;} [data-section-id="5f31ed47b3c9af0fb7d0b932"] .content-wrapper { padding-top: 2px !important; padding-bottom: 2px !important; } The block id is #block-9ce5a34db96613d88a69
  4. I have an excess of white space between my gallery reel and the text in the section below it. editing "height " did not achieve any change and attempts to use some of the script shown in the answers previously have not helped. Platform is Zion template on 7.1 page is : https://www.victoriandrawings.com/home/prints This occurs on two other gallery pages, but lets sort this one first! I think that these are the segment id's for that page, but am unsure how to use them gallery reel id; "5f31ed47b3c9af0fb7d0b930" page section. "5f31ed47b3c9af0fb7d0b932" text block: #block-9ce5a34db96613d88a69 Could someone PLEASE help me with the exact script that I could copy and paste to fix this up? My pages look bad as they are.
  5. Thanks so much tuanphan and Christy ! I have had this problem before and came to the same solution mentioned. It worked twice, but now the message back from google is that the validation failed. Should I wait a while and try again? I do not wish to get a black mark in the process!
  6. Site URL: https://www.victoriandrawings.com/home/prints Using a new Zion template , 7.1 platform. Pages pass google mobile friendly tests at all times, but every few weeks one is then flagged for needing validation. faults listed as: text too small clickable elements too close content wider than screen Sometimes just clicking request validation gets the page to pass, after a few days, now not. See this a common complaint on Google forums, with very few solutions. Mostly attributed to google bot complexities ! I have not modified my page css and am at wits end as to what to do next
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