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  1. For anyone else who finds this down the road, we ended up using Code Blocks to replace all of Squarespace's forms with forms that link directly to our CRM.
  2. We have noticed this week that Squarespace's form handling API has broken which silently killed all of our forms being able to submit. (This manifests as the Submit button changing to Submitting... and then never changing again. In the console, a 400 error is visible from /api/form/SaveFormSubmission.) Does anyone have any experience mitigating this? Our forms are vital to our marketing and having silent failures is not an option. In our case, our forms end up in our CRM and I'm considering custom-writing the forms to not use Squarespace's API handler. I'm wondering if anyone has had any
  3. Thanks a lot for this. I can definitely work with this. Appreciate it!!!
  4. Site URL: https://moreland.edu Hi all, I'm trying to add a second button in a vertical stack (underneath APPLY NOW) in our header menu. I can use JS to create a new div similar to the existing button: <div class="header-actions-action header-actions-action--cta" data-animation-role="header-element"> <a class="btn btn--border theme-btn--primary-inverse" href="/teach-now-application-form-redirection" target="_blank">APPLY NOW</a> </div> I can insert that into the parent div: <div class="header-actions header-actions--right"> <div
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