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  1. Site URL: https://n95nuptials.ca I run a wedding officiating business where couples place an order with payment to reserve a date/time with us. Currently, when an order comes in, I copy the wedding date/time/location details from the order and email each of my roster of officiants to see who's available to take it on, then once I find a match, I email the client and cc the officiant to connect them, as well as copy-pasting more of the order details (e.g "special considerations", which is a text box on the order form for the client to fill out). It's basically like Uber but done manually, and I am trying to automate the entire process without spending more than a couple thousand dollars. I'll need a tool that can automatically perform the following actions once an order is received: Drag out the date/time/location details and email the booking request to a listserv of officiants. Confirm the booking request with the first officiant who accepts the contract, and automatically cancels the request afterwards so that no one else can accept. Connects the officiant with the client by email and drags out more pertinent order details. Pays the officiant the booking deposit - this is optional if it's too expensive to implement, I can continue to make payments manually. It seems like Zapier or Automate.io may be options but I am not familiar enough with either tool (or with automation generally) to know whether they are best suited for my needs. Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated. If my idea is too expensive for my ideal budget, I'm open to alternatives.
  2. Has anyone found a solution to the "/p/" issue in the product URL? I did notice that you can still share links without it, and it simply redirects to the URL with the "/p/", so old links that didn't have it thankfully won't give a 404 error. But it's still annoying that it popped up and we can't remove it.
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