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  1. Thanks for posting this link Derrick! I didn't even realize I LOVE the 7.0 templates WAY more.
  2. At first when I tried this code, all I got was the white arrow, however it was NOT bouncing. After messing around, I removed the very beginning and end <style> & </style> brackets. Boom. Worked perfectly. Now, can anyone help me if I want more than 1 bouncing down arrow? I/m looking to make these arrows anchor links that scroll you down the page the the next section when clicked. Tried pasting the codes in the proper content areas however, they all just overlap eachother and stay up in the header area... Appreciate anyone that can help.
  3. Site URL: https://www.fyiindustries.com Hey guys, I googled "Amazing Squarespace websites", for some ideas for my website design and stumbled upon this Bands in Town page. HERES THE LINK > https://corp.bandsintown.com If you scroll down just a little bit you'll see a GREEN background titled "Bands In Town For Artists". Under that there's a SUPER CLEAN album auto-slider gallery with AAROWS and no padding. Id love to do that same on my website however I cannot figure out what slider is actually being used. I can't tell if its third-party or not.
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