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  1. Hi, Looking for advice on the best way to structure a catalogue/product based site on 7.1 Looking for a similar style style site to this one https://www.montage-interiors.com.au/. With a range of products that fall under different categories/collections, but most products have a large number of different configurations/options so are more of a 'product range' so to speak. So needs to be more of a catalogue style with photos & specifications rather than individual products with pricing and ecommerce. See attached for initial folder structure, each folder represents a categor
  2. Site URL: https://www.adaptiveinteriors.com.au/ Looking for advise on what best practice would be for a specific service/keyword in a specific location. Would you do a blog post? or publish as a separate page on your site (that could be unlinked if you didn't want visable from menu) For example we are an office fitout and refurbishment company, and to rank higher for office fitout in Canberra, would you get better results giving it it's own page or a blog post? Or would it not matter? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Do you know if this filter works only with pages in 1 collection item? So for example i would have to have all product pages under the 1 portfolio collection? Or can it filter across different collection items?
  4. Hi, Am currently building a new site for my company. I am not a pro designer, just self-taught over the last 9 months. I have built a couple of sites already with 7.1 so know this platform ok, but haven't used 7.0 at all. The company is a commercial furniture manufacturer with a large range of products but as the products are more 'range/system' based with different configurations and size/options within each range it will just be a portfolio product site (not a ecommerce sell online site) Some similar sites are https://www.krost.com.au/ and also https://www.montage-interio
  5. Love this. Looks great. Is it easy coding to do this? (The coloured fade over the photos and full colour on hover) The rounded corners on images look good also - is there a way to do this in 7.1 or is that custom coding also?
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