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  1. Last update (for now) in case someone in the future stumbles upon these problems: official response told me that you can reorder variant options within the modal where you add/remove variants (you can drag and drop the pills around). On the other hand, option name editing is currently NOT possible with the beta editor. Workarounds are: * As I said before, using the classic editor (I think this is best). * Creating another option with the new name, reorder it to leave it where you want (with the beta editor).
  2. In case anyone has this same issue, I've contacted Squarespace support (live chat) and they derived me to email. Haven't heard since. I've found a workaround: using the "old editor" (not the beta one) lets you both rename options and reorder them. I hope this is possible in the new one, because it's a super basic thing to ask for. Will still wait for an official response.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm finishing my new website with a store to launch this Sunday, and I found some things I feel I should be able to do with the Squarespace editor and I can't find how to, with a fear that it can't be done, and honestly as a software engineer, I find it very basic to give this ability, which is why I'm inclined to think I'm the problem haha. Both things have to do with variant options in physical products (I'm using v7.1 and the beta editor): How can one reorder options within a variant? I found how to reorder variants no problem, but on that screen you can only delete an option, or add an option within a variant. Drag/drop does not work, and if you go to the edit all section of the options, it doesn't seem to be drag and droppable either. How can one rename/edit an option within a variant? I found that a product which I have 2 versions with a similar name, I did "product name-1" and "product name (2)", finding the second one better. I wanted to edit the first one and couldn't find out how, without deleting all that comes after it, and creating it again correctly (this is related to the inability to reorder options I mentioned before). Thanks a lot for the help in advance. Have a great week!
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